Glory to You, O Lord, and Blessed is Your Majesty. 
There is no God besides You.
I seek refuge with God, from the condemned devil.

Countless Blessings are from our Lord

(In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Countless Blessings are from our Lord,

The Lord of Majesty and Bounty.

Praised and Exalted is He, “The Most High,” “The Almighty,”

Our Beloved “Cherisher and Sustainer,”

who bestows all that is good.

So, Glorify the Name of Your Lord for He Gives of His Bounty, His Guidance,

and Mercy, and is ever The Most Generous,

The Most Giving of all!




(Qur’an:  87:1, 67:1-2, 1:2)

Supplication by A. Janan, 11/28/13

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