Glory to You, O Lord, and Blessed is Your Majesty. 
There is no God besides You.
I seek refuge with God, from the condemned devil.

Glory to My Lord The Great

(In the Name of God, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

There is no God but You alone, The Praiseworthy and Exalted,

Glory to My Lord The Great, The Most High.


And, There is none like unto You, O Allah.

We celebrate and Glorify You

For You are our Faith, and You fill our hearts with Hope and Light.


All Praise and all Glory is to You,

Our Cherisher, and Sustainer,

 The Lord and Lights of the Heavens and the earth.

Praise be to You!


And, there is none as Great as You, none that even come close.

Glory to my Lord The Great,

Glory to my Lord The Most High.

All Praise is to You alone!


Blessed Art Thou, Our Creator, our Sustainer,

who gave us Life, and The Truth from on High.

Keep us ever steadfast to the Truth,

And our feet ever to the Straight Path, devoted to only You.


For Thee alone do we worship,

And Thee alone do we turn to for aid.

Please Grant us Your Light, Your Peace!


 Eid Mubarak 2014

Anne Janan

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