Glory to You, O Lord, and Blessed is Your Majesty. 
There is no God besides You.
I seek refuge with God, from the condemned devil.

Light and Forgiveness

(In the Name of God, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Allah is ever Al-Ghafur, “The Most Forgiving, The Most Merciful.”

Glory to my Lord, The Most Great, The Most High,

who answers the prayers of The Believers.

And, although "mankind was created weak,"

 His Eternal Light and Forgiveness

fills our heart with hope, guidance and inner peace for

His Compassion and Mercy is unbounded toward the sincerely repentant.


 “ He is All Forgiving to he who repents, who believes in Him,

and does righteous deeds, and remains constant in doing them.”

For, Allah is ever The Most Merciful Lord,

 our Lord of Mercy, Forgiveness and Grace.

All Praise is to Him alone,
The One Entitled to Forgive:  Our Creator, and Sustainer.


And, Allah lovingly is The Acceptor of Repentance,

"The Dispenser of Grace," to His Servants.

“So, Glorify the Name of Your Lord, al-A’la,”

The Most High,

The Most Great, The Holy.


And, sing Praises of Him, “in the Name of Your Lord, al-Azim,”

The Most Great.


“Indeed, Allah  is Tawwab, Most Merciful,”

 who always turns in Forgiveness

to those who turn unto Him in repentance.


For, His Forgiveness is Great,

His Mercy, vast,

and, His Grace and Majesty... eternal.


And, “there is nothing like unto Him,”

“no one equal to or comparable to Him,”

for He alone is The Lord of all creation.


He Loves those who Love Him,

and, He draws them near unto Him,
into His Light from Darkness and despair.


And, Allah alone “is the Light of the Heavens and the earth,

Light upon Light,”

The Source of Peace, Mercy, and Truth.


And, never will those who Believe in Him,  fear the Darkness,

or ever be alone in remorse,

for Allah hears those "who call unto Him, whenever they call unto Him,

and “God guides unto His Light whom He wills.”


 He is always there to those who turn unto Him,
with a sincere and humble heart,

for Allah is "The Comforter," 

"The Most Merciful of the Merciful"

The Forgiving and Compassionate Lord.


(Qur’an:  20:82, 87:1, 56:74, 49:12, 42:11, 112:4, and 24:35)




 A supplication by Anne Janan

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