Glory to You, O Lord, and Blessed is Your Majesty. 
There is no God besides You.
I seek refuge with God, from the condemned devil.

The Dispenser of Grace


"Allah is One," Praised and Exalted:

“A Dispenser of Grace” and Mercy is He.

He alone is "where salvation rests,"

and is our Saving Grace.

And, " God will never lose sight of your Faith

for, behold!
God is most compasionate toward mankind,

A Dispenser of Grace."

And, by the "gift of His Grace,"
He unseals our hearts

to the Light and The Truth,

rejuvenating them,

and gives our lives “meaning and purpose.”

And, only Allah, 

The Dispenser of Grace,

 was in the beginning, and will forever be,

The Dispenser of Grace
for He is The First and the Last, "The Eternal,"

The "
Acceptor of Repentance"

and Grantor of Mercy and Forgiveness.

"Limitless is He in His Glory!"

Praise be to Allah, The Dispenser of Grace.


(Qur'an gems: 2:54, 2:143, 3:8, 3:191, and 51:58)

A creative work by A. Janan, M.A.O.M.


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