Glory to You, O Lord, and Blessed is Your Majesty. 
There is no God besides You.
I seek refuge with God, from the condemned devil.

The King

O Allah, "The King!"

You Art the All Powerful "Creator of everything!"

And, Yours "alone is all Majesty
in the Heavens and the Earth!"

"O God, Lord of All Dominion!"

You alone are "The Majestic!"

"The King!"

You alone are The "Almighty, most Wise!"

And, "sublimely Exalted" are You,

for "no consort" have You "ever taken unto" Yourself,

nor a son!"

"Hallowed be" Your "Name,

full of Majesty and Glory!"

The Kingdom of all Creation is Yours.

"All Creation and All Command"  is Yours!

You alone are "established on The Throne

of Your Almightiness!"

"Hallowed" Are You,

O "Sustainer of all the worlds!"

We "remain truly devout unto" You,

and "prostrate" ourselves "in worship" to only You!

For, You "are the One God!"

"There is no deity save" You, O Allah!

We "bow down with those who bow down before You!"

For all Power, Knowledge and
The Kingdom is Yours!

Your  "Eternal Power overspreads

the Heavens and the earth!"

Yours "is the dominion of the Heavens and the earth,

and all that is between them!"

You alone Art

"The Lord of Might!"
""The Lord of the Throne!"

"The Lord of all the Heavens and the Earth!


A creative work by A. Janan
(Qur'an: 6:102, 45:37, 3:26, 55:27, 72:3, 55:78, 7:54,
3:43, 2:163, 5:17, 37:180, 9:129, and 13:16, with the Divine Name of Allah "The King" discovered by M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen,
with three descriptions of Allah from Shayk Abu Abdu-r-Rahman Nasir as Sadi)

This website is based on understanding Islam based on the 

The Hadith of the 99 Names.   If one ponders upon,

Believes in, and supplicates to, the Divine and Majestic Names

of Allah one will receive Paradise in the Hereafter.

...."And to Him belongs the Best of Names!"

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