Glory to You, O Lord, and Blessed is Your Majesty. 
There is no God besides You.
I seek refuge with God, from the condemned devil.

The Protecting Friend

  Al Wali

Did you know that Allah
has dominion over all the Heavens and the earth?

He causes the sun to rise in the East,

and to set in the West because
He created

the sun,

and the moon,

and the stars.

At His Command lightning dances across the sky,

instilling both fear and hope.

And, He holds the planets in their Heavenly abode,

raising the Heavens High,

and He alone Knows what seeps into the earth,

and what grows forth from it. 

For He is the Creator of all things,

the All Knowing,

the Most Wise.

And, He is the Best to protect you 

and to bring you help in your time of need.

For He gives to mankind of His Compassion and Mercy,

and is near to those who Believe in Him.

 He responds to the call of the person who calls unto Him,

whenever he calls unto Him,

and He rescues those who implore Him for safety

from the Dark recesses of the land and sea.

And, there is none better than Allah to protect you, 

to help you.

Why call upon

or worship that which itself was created by Him?

And, know that God protects the Righteous,

and those who Believe in and Worship Him alone.

 For He is the One who determines all things that exist,

and gives protection and shelter in the mountains for you, 

and gives you garments to shield you from the cold and heat,

and armor for protection for you.

And, He gives blessings upon you,
so that you will submit to Him,
and Worship Him alone.

And, He whom He Guides is on the Right Path.

And, those whom He Guides cannot be led astray.


Thus it is:  all Protective Power belongs to God alone,

the All Powerful,

 Protecting Friend.

He is the Best to grant Recompense, the best to protect,

and the best to determine what will be.

Verily, God is the All Powerful

and none can compare to Him.

And, He alone is the Almighty, the Most Exalted,

worthy of all Thanks and Praise!


    (select Quranic verses and concepts)



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